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''Bride and Groom'' - Misc episode 2

Published 1957

An episode of the late-1950s NBC revival of "Bride and Groom". This was a show in which a couple who had decided to get married, would get married on the air, and receive a bunch of prizes for doing so. Features the wedding of Honey Dubin and Harold Greer. This was a daytime series, so expect more advertising than a prime-time series.

Run time 29:24
Audio/Visual sound, black and white
Language English


Reviewer: 60skid - - May 14, 2015
Subject: WHAT A LINE!
The bride, Honeys line about meeting Jayne Mansfield ,

'I didn't recognize her with her coat on". Has got to be one of the best ad llibs. The interviewer , Bob earned his money by laughing out loud on that .
Reviewer: ShariD57 - - April 6, 2015
Subject: Additional Date Confirmation
Jayne Mansfield didn't make "Kiss Them For Me" until 1957. This movie was mentioned at the very beginning of the show, when discussing the young couple's flight to New York and their meeting Miss Mansfield after landing on their TWA flight.
It was mentioned in the context of Miss Mansfield's being interested in their upcoming nuptials but being unable to attend because she was on her way to Europe for premiere of the movie, which she made with Cary Grant.
Between that and the 1957 model automobile also mentioned, the use of which was a prize during the honeymoon trip, there's hardly any possible doubt of the production year of this episode.
Reviewer: Earlon - - April 3, 2014
Subject: Thanks for posting this
You are correct - I didn't realize it was revived. I saw this show a few times a boy - my mother loved it.
Reviewer: The_Emperor_Of_Television - - April 3, 2014
Subject: Correction to the correction
You state this cannot have aired in 1957. However, I can prove otherwise.

This show was briefly revived in 1957.

See this article:

See also this article, discussing the 1957 version:

Additionally, the car shown towards the end of the episode could not possibly have been sold in 1953...notice how they refer to it as a 1957 model.

(note: when I posted this review, the previous review claimed it couldn't have aired in 1957. They have since changed their review)